Video Contest Winners Rap the Lab Coat

May 20, 2014

“The laboratory is a danger zone, so you need a lab coat for protection. And if you work in the laboratory lab coat-less, how can you call yourself a scientist?” 1

Mikael Minier, graduate student from the Chemistry Department and his team were awarded first prize ($1000) for their lab coat video entry with a catchy rap written by Mikael and a lively presentation about lab coats, including one contaminated with microbial monsters. Andy McTeague, also with the Chemistry Department, received second prize ($500) for a dryly humorous and informative entry with a segment on how to put on a lab coat for “anyone who has never put on a shirt.” To view these videos, go to: and learn more about lab coats for safe work in the laboratory. These videos can be used by EHS Coordinators and others for group safety training sessions. PIs or EHS Reps can show one of these videos for Lab Specific training!

Remember, lab coats are required for work with hazardous chemicals, biological agents at BL2 or greater, and radioactive isotopes. For more information on lab coat selection and use, or the preferred vendors and their laundry services, please visit:

Thank you to all entrants for your participation in the EHS Lab Coat Video contest. A big thank you to the judges: Brad Pentelute, Faculty–Chemistry Dept; Paul Chang, Faculty–Koch Institute; Pam Greenley, Associate Director, EHS Office; and Kevin Thai, Graduate Student–Koch Institute. 

1. Chorus from rap written by Mikael Minier in the winning video.